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Course fees

Fees and charges are available on request from your trainer prior to enrolling into this course. There are no additional fees associated with your training, however there is a cancelling fee and there are fees associated with obtaining a copy of a lost certificate.

Arrival times

Students should be at the course at least 15 minutes prior to the start of training. Some courses have enrolment proof of identity requirements and students must be able to satisfy these prior to attendance. Failure to be on time may preclude you from attending. Transfer to another course is possible, but a refund in these circumstances will not be available.

Personal information

We are required to verify each student identity prior to the course commencing. Students are required to provide photographic ID such as driver license or passport.


Please do not make or receive calls or text whilst the trainer is conducting training. If it is expected that you might get an urgent call, please communicate this possibility to the trainer before the course begins.


All appeals should in the first instance be discussed with your trainer to allow you to see if it is possible to be re-assessed. Re-assessment should occur within one month of the original attempt; otherwise re-enrolment in the course will be required. Students wishing to make an appeal should first make an appointment with the trainer/assessor. If the matter is not resolved an appointment (or telephone/email) should be made for an interview with the General Manager of RTS Training. 08 9443 1000 or

Certificate reprint

Where a certificate reprint is requested a service fee will be charged. For the current charge, please submit  the “Request for Certificate Reprint” document on the Allens Training website at

Refund policy

When an applicant accepts a place offered by RTS Training and pays the fees, it means a binding contract is created between the student and RTS Training. Notification of cancellation/withdrawal from unit/s of competency, withdrawal or deferral from a course of study must be made in writing or email to RTS Training. Link to refund policy form at In the case of cancellation/withdrawal, the following cancellation fees will apply: Students who give notice to cancel their enrolment more than 10 days prior to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid. Students who give notice to cancel their enrolment fees less than 10 days prior 
to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a 75% refund of fees paid. The amount retained (25%) by Allens Training is required to cover the cost of staff and resources which will have already been committed based on the students initial intention to undertake the training. Students who cancel their enrolment after a training program has commenced will not be entitled to a refund of fees. 
There is no charge for a student to transfer to another course with Allens Training. If Allens Training cancels a course, then a full refund will be made available to whoever paid that course fee. 
Please note that administration fees may still apply for the processing of refunds. 
Discretion may be exercised by the General Manager in all situations, if the student can demonstrate that extenuating or significant personal circumstance led to their withdrawal. In these cases, the student should be offered a full credit toward the tuition fee in another scheduled program in-lieu of a refund. General Manager may also authorise a refund of tuition fees if the circumstances require it. 
Where refunds are approved, the refund payment must be paid to the student within 14 days from the time the student gave written notice to cancel their enrolment. Tuition refunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the student on the Refund Request Form. 
Note. If for any reason Allen’s Training is unable to fulfil its service agreement with a student, Allen’s Training must refund the student’s proportion of fees paid for services not delivered.

Medical problems

Students who have medical issues that could affect their performance in the training course should identify this to the enrolment officer or to their trainer. RTS Training reserves the right to call the ambulance for assistance if you collapse and require attention. For a copy of the full Student Agreement please see:

Our Google Reviews

I completed my First Aid Course in 2018 with Jodie and have just completed my CPR Refresher with Nicole today. Both ladies are exceptional trainers. They are very informative and make the training far more interesting than any other First Aid Course I have ever done. Thank you to the both of you, I have the confidence and knowledge of what to do if a situation ever arises. I will definitely be returning for any further training needed and will 100% be recommending you both and RTS Training.

Ronis C

I've been going on First Aid training for 15 years. Nicole at RTS made this the best First Aid training course I have been on. When someone can present and provide humour you learn much more and it also makes the day pass more quickly. Thank you Nicole, I walked into the course down, stressed and wanting to get the day over as quickly as possible but your quick dry dead pan wit improved my whole day.

Alexsandra Louise

The instructor should pay attention to her wordings. The students who are originally from other countries were feeling offensive as below examplesInstructor pointed to a dark skin student and laughed about his skin colour “nobody would know you are sick because you are dark and you don’t turn blue “Also asked another student "did your strong accent interrupt the effective communication in your workplace"

max ch

My 5th time doing cpr and first aid and still managed to learn new things. Knowledgeable instructor (Caity), relaxed environment, happy with the training.


So much enjoyed the class with Nicole. She was so much informative and fun. Highly recommend it.

Nilesh Gurung

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