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Established in 2012, we are  focused on working with our clients to provide a comprehensive range of training solutions. We understand that organising mandatory training is not as simple as just picking a date and scheduling the sessions. In order to ensure the training outcomes are achieved there is a need to have a deep understanding of the training requirements that apply to the specific industries and provide flexible options to ensure that participation is maximised. Our  team work will work with you to understand these requirements and provide a single point of contact through out the booking process.

Flexible Training Options

We offer a range of delivery methods these have been designed to offer flexibility. Each delivery method has elements that will appeal to different student groups.

Online Training with Face to Face Assessment

This delivery method is ideally suited to students who have previously undertaken the same course or a very similar course. All the knowledge content of the training is delivered through our online learning system and the theory component of the assessment is completed online prior to a face to face practical assessment. During the practical assessment students are assessed in the required skills of the course. As an example a Provide First Aid course will take around 5 hrs online to complete and then approximately 60 minutes for the skills assessment. During the skills assessment there is a maximum of 4 people in each session.

Blended Training

Utilising this delivery method students complete some online learning prior to the face to face training and assessment. All topics are covered in the face to face session along with all assessment elements. This delivery
method is the most popular as it suits all learner types. This delivery method strikes a balance between short duration and classroom-based learning. As an example a Provide First Aid course will take around 45 minutes online to complete and then approximately 6 hrs  for the skills assessment. Each session can have up to 18 people with one trainer.

Face to Face Training

This delivery method involves all elements of the training and assessment being delivered in the face to face setting. This is the longest duration of training and offers students the maximum opportunity to interact with the trainer delivering the information. As an example a Provide First Aid course will take around 8 hrs for the face to face course. Each session can have up to 18 people with one trainer.

Access to Industry Leading Client Management Systems

As a client of RTS Training group you will have access to our student and client management system, Training Desk. This provides you with a range of options and information from accessing course attendance lists and staff certificates to running reports on when qualifications will expire. You can also add qualifications and expiry dates for courses that have been completed with other providers, enabling you to have all of your reporting in one system.

Book into either our public course or schedule a private course at a day and time that suits you. 

We understand that each client requires a flexible approach to training. With daily classes for Provide First Aid, CPR and Low Voltage rescue, together with regular dates for our advanced course you can also utilize Training Desk to book staff into course these courses and request an invoice for payment.


Customer Feedback is central to what we do

We believe its important take the time to ask and listen to our customers about there experience with us. That’s why after every course we provide every student with the opportunity to complete an online review.

With more than 130 Google reviews, at an average of 4.9 we believe that our reviews reflect the quality of our training.







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