Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical disease that afflicts approximately 415 million people globally, with numbers expecting to rise in the coming years. In people without diabetes, the body produces a hormone known as insulin to help regulate glucose (or sugar) levels. This balancing act ensures we have a levelled amount of…

Are Tourniquets a Dirty Word in First Aid?

Whether it’s from first aid courses, an elaborate story, or in main-stream media, at some point we have all heard about tourniquets. From car accidents to shark bites, they provide patients with definitive solution to severe bleeding. But how much do you really know about them? Tourniquets have been around…

Dealing With Difficult Patients and Bystanders in First Aid Scenarios

Too often do we imagine that a real world first aid scenario is going to be hassle-free. In most cases, we can be met with difficult patients, bystanders or the environment in first aid situations. Difficult doesn’t always have to mean abusive or inappropriate. Sometimes difficult is only difficult because…

Sprain, Strain, Break or Dislocate? How to Tell Them Apart

Injuries are a simple, unavoidable fact of life. Knowing quality first aid will ensure you and your loved ones are given the best first responder treatment, but sometimes it can be hard to determine what has happened. Knowing the differences between sprains, strains, fractures (breaks), and dislocations will help ensure…

Myths and Truths of Defibrillators

How does a Defibrillator work? In the first of a two part series we look at what is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and how effective they are. In the second part we look at some of the most common questions we’ve been asked during our First Aid courses and…

Performing CPR on a drowning casualty

Drowning occurs when someone is unable to breathe due to there mouth and nose being submerged in water or fluid. It can occur in a range of different situations, from the bath to a bucket of water and It’s often characterised as being silent and fast. One of the unique…

What to Consider When Choosing a First Aid Course

For a majority of people completing a First Aid course is to meet a work, university or volunteer requirement. In meeting this requirement we often search for a course that is convenient to where we live and is competitive on price. While these factors are important they don't always provide…

First Aid Treatment for Scolding Burns

One of a parents most common fears is for there child to receive a form of burn. This is in part for both the pain it causes and the long term scaring that it can leave. So what is the correct First Aid treatment for Scolding or Thermal Burns? Cool the…

High Performance CPR

  Over the last few years you may have heard about High Performance CPR and thought “is this a new technique for performing CPR?” In fact its not new at all, rather it’s just applying our current CPR technique more effectively, when you have more than one person available to…

Would your children know what to do if you required First Aid at home?

As adults we often think that it will be us calling Triple Zero (000) if there was an emergency at home, however what if the emergency was you, would your children know what to do? Here are some tips on how to educate your children on when and how to…

Is there a difference between Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack?

  One of the common questions we get asked during a First Aid course is “aren’t Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack the same thing?” While both cardiac arrest and heart attack relate to issues of the heart, each have a different cause.   Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Sudden Cardiac Arrest can…

Our Google Reviews

I completed my First Aid Course in 2018 with Jodie and have just completed my CPR Refresher with Nicole today. Both ladies are exceptional trainers. They are very informative and make the training far more interesting than any other First Aid Course I have ever done. Thank you to the both of you, I have the confidence and knowledge of what to do if a situation ever arises. I will definitely be returning for any further training needed and will 100% be recommending you both and RTS Training.

Ronis C

I've been going on First Aid training for 15 years. Nicole at RTS made this the best First Aid training course I have been on. When someone can present and provide humour you learn much more and it also makes the day pass more quickly. Thank you Nicole, I walked into the course down, stressed and wanting to get the day over as quickly as possible but your quick dry dead pan wit improved my whole day.

Alexsandra Louise

My 5th time doing cpr and first aid and still managed to learn new things. Knowledgeable instructor (Caity), relaxed environment, happy with the training.


So much enjoyed the class with Nicole. She was so much informative and fun. Highly recommend it.

Nilesh Gurung

Fun, interactive class with a fantastic instructor (Nicole) who made everyone at ease and had a great teaching manner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel confident in using my skills if ever needed.

Stephen Gherardi

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