HeartSine 500P


The HeartSine 500P is one of the leading portable Defibrillators in the market in Australia.

Suitable for workplaces, Sporting clubs, Health clubs, Schools and public access locations.

Simple and easy to use- In an emergency the 500P is simple to use, with easy to access pads and visual and audio instructions that guide you through each step.

Provides real time feedback-. It instructs the rescuer to push harder or softer, faster or slower, and when compressions are being done correctly it will say good compressions. Unlike other defibrillators on the market the 500P, takes into account the size of the person receiving CPR and measures compressions based on cardiac output, as apposed to the depth of the compression.

Clear Instructions- Provides the rescuer with easy-to-follow instructions with a clear and confident voice.

The 500P comes standard with PADS for adults however PADS for children under 8years of age can also be used with this devise.

For more information about the 500P please visit HeartSine.