HeartSine PDU400


The HeartSine PDU400 Defibrillator is the world’s cheapest Lay Rescuer defibrillator.

This single use AED is designed for home use. With a SD card to record the event it is able to record data for 6hrs. This makes it ideal for remote locations such as farms or boats.

Maintenance-free the unit has no replaceable components, with batteries and electrodes durable for up to 5 years. Warranty is 5 years also.

Suitable for both Adults and Children older than 8years of age or >25kg

Easy to use-After switching on the device, you receive step by step instructions how to proceed. Additionally the device supports you during CPR.

Reprogrammable- The device can be reprogrammed cost-free according to the latest guidelines of AHA or the ERC.

For further information about the PDU400 please visit HeartSine.